Proof of Delivery WITHOUT COVID Infection

W W Payment Systems provides cash flow support to truckers across the country.

Some of our carriers are reporting that cargo receivers are reluctant to sign, or even touch bills of lading and other proof of delivery documentation.  In these days you can’t blame them for being cautious, but no signatures on these documents will dramatically slow down the payment cycle on those loads.

So… If you encounter a situation where someone is reluctant to sign your paperwork, ask them if they could sign something from their desk, acknowledging the load arrived on time and without damage.  Shippers still prefer to get their documents signed, but an attachment that a loading doc worker has signed with the load number and date will likely do the trick.

We have been recommending that receivers who are on the record about this “don’t touch the documents” practice, offer a letter to drivers, on company letterhead, that confirms this directive and has a place for the cargo description and date and time of delivery to be confirmed.

As the economy continues to slow, it will be hard enough to collect your money from shippers, let alone contending with delays because receivers won’t sign customary paperwork.  It seems best to respect their wishes and keep your distance;  but its not unreasonable to ask for something to confirm your delivery.

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