How We Roll

One Day “Quick Pay” on Every Load!

At WW Payment Systems we get it. When you drop your load, you want to be paid… and not be tied into long term contracts, fine print fees, and nickel and dime charges that just seem to stack up. When we’re your freight bill factoring partner you’ll only pay one simple fee with no reserve… PERIOD! The more you use us, the lower your rate.

Your account receivable will be converted to cash on the day you deliver.

So call us as fast as you can safely dial 360.314.2004 and we’ll get you set up and on your way!

Here’s how we roll...

Check our “Approved List” for the broker/shipper you plan to haul for. We check their credit (at no cost to you), and confirm we will buy their contract after you deliver. We work with over 2300 approved brokers! DOWNLOAD THE LIST.

After you deliver, send us clear images of the freight contract and proof of delivery documents via email or fax.

The day we get your documents, we send an ACH deposit to your bank account. You have the cash in your bank account the NEXT BUSINESS DAY.

We deduct one fee from your load and that’s your “all in” cost, PERIOD. No “nickel and dime charges”! Your rate is based on the total of loads you send us each month. The more you send, the lower your rate!

After you confirm your deposit was sent to your bank, you drop the original freight contract and BOLs in the mail to us, and you’re all done! We take care of all the invoicing and collections.  If the broker/shipper fail to pay it’s our loss, not yours. 

No long-term contract: We have no long term contract, and no fees if you decide to fire us.  We earn your business every day by being faster, more flexible, and more fun to work with.

No reserve account: We do not hold back any “reserves.” If there is a short payment or other problem on one of your loads we work it out with you when it happens… we don’t hold back your money “just in case” something goes wrong.

No charge backs: We really are a “non-recourse factor.” Check our “approved list” to be sure we have approved credit on your shipper or broker, and we guaranty to buy that load with clean paperwork, and it is never your problem again. No charge back to you if they don’t pay.

One fee: Our discount fee is it. No nickel and dime charges for one thing and another. Based on what we learn about your business we can match the rate you get now… maybe lower.

Respect: We know how hard the trucking business is. We respect what it takes for you to stay in business, and we treat you that way.


“Sure appreciate you. We love working with you guys. We're excited for the future as well!”
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