Preventing Freight Broker Fraud

Get Credit Checks We have all heard the old adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…”.  Recently a carrier client of ours learned a hard lesson on that theme. Here’s the story. The trucker found a load from a broker with an active MC # and brokers’ bond.  They couldn’t

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Pandemic Customer Service … It still matters

How many times have you heard, “Thanks for your patience during COVID 19”… or “Due to COVID 19 we can no longer do…”  what you were counting on them to do.  Clearly, the scope of business disruption caused by the pandemic, and the inconsistent, ever-changing government responses to it, has been catastrophic.  Anyone waiting for

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A Factoring Company Can Help Truckers Avoid Bad Debts

It’s hard enough these days for owner operators and trucking companies to find good paying loads, let alone worrying about getting paid after they deliver. In these tough economic times, many shippers and freight brokers are in trouble. The payment flows in most sectors are slowing down, and in many cases brokers and shippers pass

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WW Payment Systems Interview

East Bound & Down – Making Life on the Road Pay Off

I was recently interviewed by Drew Zagorski on his podcast, You Don’t Say…, along with our client Donny Stevens of Donny Stevens Trucking. Donny talked about life on the road and Drew and I had a wide ranging conversation about how we help our clients to maintain a healthy cash flow.  Listen, follow & rate

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Understanding Your Bank, and Building that Relationship

Before I launched a trucking invoice factoring company, I was a commercial banker for 32 years.  I loved every minute in the banking business, from my first day in a teller window, to my last day as a CEO in a Board Room.  Here are my top 4 recommendations for building a strong relationship with

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Proof of Delivery WITHOUT COVID Infection

W W Payment Systems provides cash flow support to truckers across the country. Some of our carriers are reporting that cargo receivers are reluctant to sign, or even touch bills of lading and other proof of delivery documentation.  In these days you can’t blame them for being cautious, but no signatures on these documents will

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truck insurance rates

Don’t Let Insurance Premiums Kill Your Trucking Business

The Wall Street Journal recently published the article “Surging Truck Insurance Rates Hit Freight Operators” by Jennifer Smith. For the past 10 years, W W Payment Systems has been providing cash flow support to trucking companies and owner-operators across the country.  Some of our favorite customers have gone out of business, particularly in 2019, due

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