About Us

Founded in 2009, WW Payment Systems is a Vancouver, Washington based, family-owned freight bill factoring company serving owner-operators and trucking companies.

Mike Worthy started in the banking and finance industries before transitioning to a flat-bed trucking company. With his banking experience and knowledge of daily cash flow challenges in the trucking business Mike had a vision to serve the needs of the trucking industry in a faster, easier way. He launched WW Payment Systems in 2009 with that goal in mind and today the company serves over 350 trucking companies and owner-operators across the country. WW Payment Systems buys over $25 million in freight contracts annually.

The company’s philosophy is simple… build long-term relationships with our trucking customers based on mutual respect and trust. We know how hard it is to deliver loads safely and on time… and our clients need and deserve to get paid quickly for that commitment. We want to provide the simplest, fastest way to payday!


“Thank you a million times over!! My lifetime loyalty is to you...”
MC xx40xx
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